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Welcome to Ohio Task Force 1 - Urban Search and Rescue Team

Enjoy your visit to our web site.

OHTF-1 crews search damaged structures in Ohio in 2011

OHTF-1 crews have responded to several National and State disaster sites.

OHTF-1 Training Site

OHTF-1 maintains a fully functional training site in Dayton, Ohio. The site includes outdoor training sites and classrooms.

OHTF-1 Membership

OHTF-1 is made up of members that come from area fire departments (across the State), local businesses, and private citizens.

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Information for Participating Agencies

Participating Agencies play a key role in the recruitment and retention of team members for Ohio Task Force One. The decision of a PA to allow their participants to work with the Task Force is a great and a just one. With tight budgets and limited manpower, we truly appreciate the burden that must be felt when your participants are sent on deployment. Their knowledge and skills can be found no where else. When these members return, however, they bring home an even greater depth of experience. Experience that filters into the rest of your agency.

We are sincere about building the very best relationship between Ohio Task Force One and its Participating Agencies. The information below is meant for agency officers to help facilitate this relationship. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact us at any time.

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