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Welcome to Ohio Task Force 1 - Urban Search and Rescue Team

Enjoy your visit to our web site.

OHTF-1 crews search damaged structures in Ohio in 2011

OHTF-1 crews have responded to several National and State disaster sites.

OHTF-1 Training Site

OHTF-1 maintains a fully functional training site in Dayton, Ohio. The site includes outdoor training sites and classrooms.

OHTF-1 Membership

OHTF-1 is made up of members that come from area fire departments (across the State), local businesses, and private citizens.

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OH-TF1 Team Positions

It takes the talents and expertise of varied professions to field an Urban Search and Rescue response. Each member of the team has a specific function to which they are responsible. Take some time to study the job functions of each position by clicking on them for a fuller description; then decide where your own personal strengths and interests lie.
Task Force Leader
Safety Officer

Search Team:
Search Team Manager
Canine Search Specialist
Technical Search Specialist

Rescue Team:
Rescue Team Manager
Rescue Squad Officer
Rescue Specialist
Heavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist
Structures Specialist

HazMat Team:
Hazardous Materials Team Manager
Hazardous Materials Specialist

Medical Team:
Medical Team Manager
Medical Specialist

Logistics Team:
Logistics Team Manager
Logistics Specialist
Communications Specialist

Planning Team:
Planning Team Manager
Technical Information Specialist

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